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W-Sitting Position? Stop It Immediately!

Stop your child from sitting in the “W” position! For obvious reasons, we all sit in the most comfortable position that we’re in – whether we’re seated on the floor or slumped on a couch, we eventually settle into what feels best. We all know however, that what feels comfortable …

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Be the Best Dad to your Daughter

The saying goes every woman may not be a queen to her husband but she is always a princess to her father. Girls are a precious gem and to their Dad’s they are a treasure and you can be sure that a Dad would do anything for her daughter. With …

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10 Worst Foods to Give Your Children

There are foods that parents think are healthy, but actually have very little nutritional value and a whole heap of hidden fats and sugars. When it comes to the best and worst foods for kids, most times parents have little bargaining power. There are some obviously healthy foods – berries and …

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Water Safety: 5 Tips for Parents of Young Children

Most water-related accidents can be avoided by knowing how to stay safe and following a few simple guidelines. When the weather turns warm, everyone wants to be in or around water. Hanging out at the pool or the beach on a hot day is a great way to beat the heat, …

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9 Things Teachers Wish Parents Knew

In an effort to bridge the parent-teacher gap, we’ve asked what teachers wish parents knew and how to help their child in school. I have something to say about the “battle” between teachers and parents. As an ex-primary school teacher myself, I have been there. And now that I have …

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6 Proven Methods in Motivating Children

Try these proven methods in motivating children to clean up after themselves, help with chores and more. Convincing your children to do things they don’t want to, can be challenging. And making them stop doing the things you don’t want them to do… can be even trickier. We asked experts who have cracked the …

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